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Sunday 19 August 12 00:41
so today blog post will mainly be an update on my life in the most condensed version possible.

- i no longer work in sales, (THANK GOD!) and start my new job as an IT Technician on monday. sounds very      professional and geeky i know (;
- i am not longer with ben, for those who followed this blog this time last year, you would know who ben is. i am  now thoroughly enjoying a new relationship with my new boyfriend of 10 months. i am now a much happier person.
- ive travelled a lot this year, and i will share the photos with you in future posts when i have nothing to show of my  day!
-  i am now 19! almost 20...that makes me sound too old...

those are pretty much the main things...

ill add way to follow me on instagram and things like that tomorrow or sometime this week. its so nice to be back on piczo...
Saturday 18 August 12 22:55

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well, this is weird...

it been well over a year since i have posted on pizco, and i cant even begin to explain how much my life has changed! i was halfway through making a new account when i remembered the password for this one! yet, im still undecided whether to make a new one or not, but i thought, considering i have all my followers on this account, i could let you guys know if i decide to or not. 

so now, due to new responsibilities, a new job, new boyfriend and basically, a completely different life, i now have the time and can put in the effort into running my daily blog again. it will be a challenge, but i love a challenge (; 

ill look forward to hearing from you guys again, and ill be posting photos pretty much daily of my outfits or days out ect. 

now, time to revamp...